information about Indian political parties

Facts About Famous Indian Political Parties

information about Indian political parties

India is a country having multiple political party system. But national parties are very less and state parties are too much. There are around 1800 political parties in India but few parties are much more followed and loved than others. Here we are providing you the important facts and information about Indian political parties. Also, check out political parties and their symbols along with their twitter handles.

So here is the list of those Indian political parties which really made on impact on people’s mind.

1. Indian National Congress ~ Congress

Congress is one the oldest party of India which served both central government and state government for several years. The country is served maximum under the leadership of Nehru-Gandhi family only. The party is emotionally attached to many voters as these voters had seen congress efforts at the time of India’s independence. The party has an alliance known as UPA ( United province Alliance). political parties and their symbols

  • Foundation year: 1885
  • President: Sonia Gandhi
  • Most famous leaders till date: Jawahar Lal Nehru, Indira Gandhi
  • Current Star Campaigner: Rahul Gandhi
  • Key States: Kerala, Delhi, Maharashtra
  • Key Lok Sabh Constituency: Rae Barely (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Key Vidhan Sabha Constituency: Puthupally (Kerala)
  • Key Branch: National Students’ Union of India
  • Symbol: Hand
  • Target Vote Bank: Scheduled Castes, Poor, Muslims, other Backward
  • Best Point: The party has maximum experience of running country & states.
  • Worst Point: The party is accussed in many corruption and scams.
  • Twitter: @INCIndia

Sonia Gandhi Hd wallpaper

2. Bhartiya Janta Party ~ BJP

BJP is also one of the oldest party of India. This party too served a lot of states. The party performed very well under the leadership of Vajpayee and Modi. The party is attached to a major section of Hindu and upper castes. BJP was formed after the break up of Janta Dal in 1980. The party under the leadership of Modi did great for BJP. The party has also an alliance known as NDA (National Democratic Alliance).bjp hd wallpaper

  • Foundation year: 1980
  • President: Amit Shah
  • Most famous leaders till date: Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Lal Krishna Advani
  • Current Star Campaigner: Narendra Modi
  • Key States: Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh
  • Key Lok Sabh Constituency: Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Key Vidhan Sabha Constituency: Vadnagar (Gujarat)
  • Key Branch: Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad
  • Symbol: Lotus
  • Target Vote Bank: Upper Castes, Middle Upper class, Corporates
  • Best Point: The party has a good experience of running state and centre.
  • Worst Point: The party is accused of taking funds from many unauthorized sources to campaign.
  • Twitter: @bjp4india

narendra modi hd wallpaper

3. Aam Aadmi Party ~ AAP

Aam Aadmi Party formed from the anger of common men. Even after the promises of passing Jan Lokpal Bill, when government and opposition didn’t helped them, then Ramon Magsaysay awardee Arvind Kejriwal formed a party and government too just within 1 year of forming a political party. AAP got 28/70 seats in legislative elections and 4 seats in Lok sabha elections creating a history. Arvind Kejriwal became CM of Delhi and resigned within 49 days but still very well connected to people.
Aam Aadmi party hd

  • Foundation year: 2012
  • National Executive: Arvind Kejriwal
  • Most famous leaders till date: Kumar Vishwas, Manish Sisodia
  • Current Star Campaigner: Arvind Kejriwal
  • Key States: Delhi, Punjab
  • Key Lok Sabh Constituency: Sangrur (Punjab)
  • Key Vidhan Sabha Constituency: New Delhi (Delhi)l
  • Key Branch: Aam Aadmi Party Youth Wing
  • Symbol: Broom
  • Target Vote Bank: Middle Class, Poor, Small Businessmen, Sikh
  • Best Point: The party’s vision of Swaraj is a very good concept.
  • Worst Point: The party lacks experience.
  • Twitter: @aamaadmiparty

Arvind Kejriwal hd wallpaper

4. All India Trinamool Congress ~ TMC

Trinamool Congress is also one of the largest party of India. The party has a strong hold in West Bengal under the leadership of Mamta Banerjee. Nandigram movement in which TMC was at front also wooed the voters. TMC also joined their hands with UPA once but later dissolved due to differences. Apart from West Bengal, party’s MLAs also served in other north eastern states. TMC also derooted strongholds of CPI(M).Trinamool Congress symbol

  • Foundation year: 1998
  • President: Mamta Banerjee
  • Most famous leaders till date: Mukul Roy, Subrata Bakshi
  • Current Star Campaigner: Mamta Banerjee
  • Key States: West Bengal, Assam,
  • Key Lok Sabh Constituency: Kolkata Uttar (West Bengal)
  • Key Vidhan Sabha Constituency: Howrah Uttar (West Bengal)
  • Key Branch: All India Youth Trinamool Congress
  • Symbol: Jora Ghas Phul
  • Target Vote Bank: Middle Class, Upper Class
  • Best Point: Party is well connected with Bengali women and Urbans
  • Worst Point: Party doesn’t have affect in other parts of India except WB & neighbouring states.
  • Twitter: @AITCofficial

mamta banerjee HD

5. Shiv Sena

Shiv Sena was formed by Balasaheb Thackarey with the ideology of empowering Marathis and Hindus. Shiv Sena consists of grassroot supporters from Maharashtra. Apart from Vidhan Sabha and Lok Sabha elections, party took part in BMC elections too and won. The volunteers are known as Shiv Sainiks and famous for their selfless works towards party. The party had good relation with BJP before 2014 Maharshra legislative elections.Shiv Sena

  • Foundation year: 1966
  • President: Uddhav Thackeray
  • Most famous leaders till date: Bal Thackeray, Manohar Joshi
  • Current Star Campaigner: Uddhav Thackeray
  • Key State: Maharashtra
  • Key Lok Sabh Constituency: Thane (Maharashtra)
  • Key Vidhan Sabha Constituency: Digras (Maharashtra)
  • Key Branch: Yuva Sena
  • Symbol: Bow and Arrow
  • Target Vote Bank: Hindus, Marathi
  • Best Point: The party is very famous for supporting Marathis
  • Worst Point: The party didn’t have any support from Muslim and Non-Maharashtrians.
  • Twitter: @ShivSena

Uddhav thackeray hd

6. Bahujan Samajwadi Party ~ BSP

Bahujan Samajwadi Party is founded by Kanshi Ram inspired by Ambedkar’s views. The party is very famous among Scheduled Castes, Scheduled tribes, OBCs of India. After Kanshi Ram, Mayawati really helped the party to grow as a national party. BSP formed the first government to serve full five years in Uttar Pradesh state. The party also believed in preachings of Gautam Buddha.bsp symbol

  • Foundation year: 1984
  • President: Mayawati
  • Most famous leaders till date: Kanshi Ram, Jitendra Kumar Bablu Bhaiya
  • Current Star Campaigner: Mayawati
  • Key States: Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Uttarakhand
  • Key Lok Sabh Constituency: Basti (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Key Vidhan Sabha Constituency: Harora (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Key Branch: BSP Yuva Morcha
  • Symbol: Elephant
  • Target Vote Bank: Scheduled Class, Scheduled Tribes, Upper Caste (Brahmin)
  • Best Point: The party has a good stronghold over lower hindu castes of India
  • Worst Point: The party is facing a lot of criminal cases on its ministers.
  • Twitter: @bsp4India

Mayawati hd

7. Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Communist Party of India is the second oldest party of India after Congress. It is also known as the left front of the Lok Sabha. The party got a massive support of labour and peasant class of the country. It became the national party of India because of its massive support. The roots of this party is well connected to poor section of society. CPI (M) is emerged form CPI. Communist Party of India (Marxist)

  • Foundation year: 1964
  • Secretary General: Prakash  Karat
  • Most famous leaders till date: Jyoti Basu, Brinda Karat
  • Current Star Campaigner: Prakash Karat
  • Key State: West Bengal, Kerala, Tripura
  • Key Lok Sabh Constituency: Bolapur (West Bengal)
  • Key Vidhan Sabha Constituency: Jalangi (West Bengal)
  • Key Branch: Democratic Youth Fedaration of India
  • Symbol: Hammer and Sickle
  • Target Vote Bank: Labour Class, Other Backward castes
  • Best Point: The party is well connected to labour and peasant class.
  • Worst Point: The party was accused of helping naxalites.
  • Twitter: @cpimspeak

prakash karat hd

8. All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam ~ AIADMK

AIADMK is headed by J.Jayalalithaa. It is one of the largest party of Lok Sabha. The party got a huge success in Tamil Nadu till date. The party come out with different ideology of anti-hindu and anti-brahmin politics which really helped them. The party has a good history of running state, Tamil Nadu. Recently the downfall of their star campaigner Jayalalithaa can be backdrop for them.AIADMK symbol

  • Foundation year: 1972
  • President: J Jayalalithaa
  • Most famous leaders till date: Janaki Ramachandran, MG Ramachandran
  • Current Star Campaigner: J Jayalalithaa
  • Key States: Tamil Nadu, Puducherry
  • Key Lok Sabh Constituency:  (Tamil Nadu)
  • Key Vidhan Sabha Constituency:  (Tamil Nadu)
  • Key Branch: ADMK Youth Wing
  • Symbol: Two leaves
  • Target Vote Bank: Backward Castes, Lower class
  • Best Point: The party is known for doing development.
  • Worst Point: The party leaders are accused of disappropriate assets case.
  • Twitter: @aiadmkofficial

Jayalalitha hd

9. Biju Janta Dal ~ BJD

Biju janta Dal is the main party of Odisha. Biju Janta Dal was earlier the part of BJP led NDA but later Naveen Patnaik decided to split and fought elections alone. The decision goes in his favour and he became the CM of Odisha. Apart from that party did well in Lok Sabha elections too. The image of Naveen Patnaik as compared to BJP leaders is more praised in Odisha and that is the reason BJD has a strong hold over this state.

biju janta dal symbol

  • Foundation year: 1997
  • Chairperson: Naveen Patnaik
  • Most famous leaders till date: Biju Patnaik, Kalptaru Das
  • Current Star Campaigner: Naveen Patnaik
  • Key State: Odisha,
  • Key Lok Sabh Constituency: Aska (Odisha)
  • Key Vidhan Sabha Constituency: Chowdwar Cuttack (Odisha)
  • Key Branch: Yuva Biju Janta Dal
  • Symbol:
  • Target Vote Bank: Middle Class, Upper Class, Muslims
  • Best Point: Naveen Patnaik’s Clean image till date.
  • Worst Point: The party has no such recognition outside Odisha.
  • Twitter: @bjd_odisha

naveen patnaik hd

10. Samajwadi Party ~ SP

Samajwadi Party is one of the main parties of Uttar Pradesh headed by Mulayam Singh Yadav. Mulayam Singh take party in a new direction and got a tremendous victory in 2011 Vidhan Sabha elections. But the party is accused of not handling the state properly as the GDP of UP didn’t shown a good increment under their leadership. Akhilesh Yadav became the youngest CM of India in 2012 representing SP.Indian political party symbol

  • Foundation year: 1992
  • President: Mulayam Singh Yadav
  • Most famous leaders till date: Jaya Bachchan, Dimple Yadav
  • Current Star Campaigner: Akhilesh Yadav
  • Key States: Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh
  • Key Lok Sabh Constituency: Kannauj (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Key Vidhan Sabha Constituency: Jaswant Nagar (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Key Branch: Samajwadi Yuvajan Sabha
  • Symbol: Cycle
  • Target Vote Bank: Backward Class, Muslims
  • Best Point: The party is very famous among backwards, Muslims and Yadavs.
  • Worst Point: The party accused of giving election tickets to many criminals.
  • Twitter: @samajwadiparty

mulayam singh yadav hd

11. Nationalist Congress Party ~ NCP

The party is headed by Sharad Pawar. He formed his own party after failing to cooperate with Congress. The differences occured when Congress decided to upfront Sonia Gandhi as PM candidate. In a short time only after forming a new party, Sharad Pawar received many key positions at central level. The party helped both Congress and BJP to form government.ncp symbol

  • Foundation year: 1999
  • Chairperson: Sharad Pawar
  • Most famous leaders till date: Ajit Pawar, R.R. Patil
  • Current Star Campaigner: Sharad Pawar
  • Key State: Maharashtra, Karnataka
  • Key Lok Sabh Constituency: Baramati (Maharashtra)
  • Key Vidhan Sabha Constituency: Baramati (Maharashtra)
  • Key Branch: Nationalist Youth Congress
  • Symbol: Clock
  • Target Vote Bank: Upper Castes, Muslims
  • Best Point: The party is famous for its support to upper castes of Maharashtrians
  • Worst Point: The party is accussed of various scams and corruption
  • Twitter: @ncpspeaks

sharad pawar ncp

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