Investment in Mutual Funds – Made Easier with One Click Investment

With the digitization of every other aspect of modern business, it was only a matter of time before investing in mutual funds became a matter of a few gentle swipes of your finger. Only a few years ago, investing in mutual funds was a critical decision for investors.

ICICIdirect’s One Click Investment is here to revolutionize mutual fund investments like never before. Now, carry your investment portfolio with you anywhere, everywhere. Take your pick of the best performing mutual fund schemes in the basket- all short-listed by ICICIdirect after thorough research and analysis.

Why should you invest throughICICIdirect’s One-Click?

ICICIDirect’s One-Click Investment is here to cater to the demands of the modern investor. If you are one of them, no longer you need to rely on the relatively snail-slow methods of mutual fund investment. With a few swipes of your hand, you can research among the most lucrative investment schemes listed for you.

However, that is not all! The best part about relying on One Click Investment is that it vets the best mutual fund schemes in the basket against benchmarks, for your consideration. Imagine all your investments being directed into schemes that have been benchmarked on a number of qualitative and quantitative grounds by ICICIdirect’s experienced, award-winning research team! Choose varying investment amounts for different schemes in your target.

Lucrative portfolio basket of One-Click investment:

  1. Basket of research-backed MF schemes
  2. Customized basket level goal mapping
  3. Mutual fund transaction fees will not be imposed on investments made through One Click
  4. Regular update on progress under mutual fund portfolio
  5. Carefully curated baskets, ranging from 100% equity to 100% debt baskets
  6. Customized notification about the change of recommendation from buy to sell.

PACE investing:

One-Click Investment has made the mutual fund investments simple, time-saving and customized, and it helps the clients get desirable returns. You can invest according to the goals and can manage the portfolio at any time and from anywhere. It allows the clients to pace up their MF investments through Performance, Analysis, Customization, and Ease.

  • Performance: MF schemes listed under One Click Investment are supported by ICICIdirect’s award-winning recommendations and they have performed well consistently.
  • Analysis: With One Click you will get a widespread analysis of quantitative and qualitative parameters to see which schemes are top-performing and the customers can choose from various recommended baskets of schemes.
  • Customization: One-Click provides an option that suits your requirement. The investors can define the goal for their investment basket and track their performance.
  • Ease: Investors can track their performance along with the future value of investments with charts and goal indicators. They can easily stay on top of their investment targets and performance.

Benefits of using ICICIdirect’s One ClickInvestment

There are several benefits to avail with One Click:

  1. Easy filter for schemes

Market researched mutual funds that can be easily subscribed with a click. Users can also vet the schemes based on their respective historical return against the benchmark.

  1. Convenient financing plans

One-Click Investment offers the flexibility of investment financing by providing either a one-time lump sum or a monthly SIP option.

  • Graphical breakdown

One of the most important reasons behind the success of One Click Investment is the use of informative graphics or info-graphs. Info-graphs help breakdown investment particulars such as the future value of your monthly SIP.

  1. Performance tracking

Tracking the performance of your investments is easier as under One Click Investment, you can track individual scheme performances.

  1. System Notifications

Leave the guesswork out of the equation when you invest in mutual funds. With One Click Investment, you receive system notifications whenever the scheme changes for buy to sell.

  1. No transaction charges

Now invest in mutual fund schemes you want without any fear of incurring transaction charges, with the One-Click investment.

Enjoy portfolio growth and good returns from monthly SIPs. With One Click Investment, you can choose basket composition ranging from 100% equity to 100% debt. You can also manage an ELSS Tax Savings portfolio. Investing in mutual funds in the digital age has never been so easy!

Please note that Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

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