Huh! Impractical Expectations of Men from Women

Being a woman is a challenging task. She plays many roles in her entire life. From childhood to old age she goes through a number of transitions. While going through these phases she fulfills a number of demands and expectations either of her parents, siblings, friends, teachers, bosses, lover, husband and children as well.

Some demands are acceptable and reasonable but at times they become impractical and difficult to tackle. It is observed that most of these impractical expectations are from men, I really don’t understand what actually they think of women.

Women Should Be Kind and Well-Mannered Always.

Why this is so? Why it is always expected from women to be kind, caring, polite, shy, well-mannered always. We women also wish to be carefree and do whatever we want to, we are human we can feel the same as men.

We get angry, want to shout and scream, but all these things are not for women according to some men. Men always have predefined guidelines for their women.

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I Love Calm Women, Quotes for herWomen is the sole care taker of Household Chores

Whether it comes to cooking or cleaning the house or bringing groceries men feel it is the only responsibility of women to do all this work. They make a mess of the bedroom or kitchen and women have to clean all day, if she doesn’t then they’ll leave everything cluttered. They expect women to keep everything on place and as neat as a pin for them to scatter again.

Men Want Women to Get Ready Quickly and Look Hot

These are two impossible things to get ready in no time and look gorgeous. Men should understand it takes time for women to complete the process of getting ready; she has to do a number of things to look beautiful, don’t just move around and ask continuously Are You Ready?

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We Don’t Read Minds

Most of the men won’t express their feeling and at the end say you don’t understand me. Please speak up tell us what you think; we don’t have powers of reading minds. Men always expect women to understand all their feelings without saying and if we don’t then they get frustrated.

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You Want Attention and You Don’t Want Someone Always Behind You

This is really impractical, men want us to take care and when we care they feel irritated. They want us to call up several times a day and when we actually do they get annoyed. Please decide on one side.

Men Want Us to Be Emotional and Understanding Always

Women also have multiple feelings most of the time we are emotional but sometimes we also find it difficult to connect and understand. Men please don’t think we don’t care or are uninterested it’s just that we don’t feel the same always.

Women Should Always Be Well-Dressed and In Shape

Ok! Being well dressed and maintaining shape is good but we can’t always be same or I should say no one can always be the same in appearance. Men also change so why this discrimination with women. Women are busy in so many activities and if still she maintains her appearance that’s great but if she can’t then men should not complain but try to understand.

Men Expect Women to be Dependent on Them

Most of the men don’t want independent women. They want us to be dependent for each and everything, either for going somewhere or repairing an electronic. But men should be glad today women is independent, can do her own work.

From earning her living or taking responsibility of the whole family women are capable of everything. She is beautiful and technical at the same time; don’t always take things on your ego. Women are not behind men but equal as men.

Conclusion – This discussion is never ending; men and women can have a debate over this for long hours and end up with no conclusion. But I would like to conclude here, as most of the men will disagree on this but at some point of life they will realize that they had expected such things either from their mother, sister, girlfriend or wife. And if a man has not expected these things from a woman then he would be an ideal or dream man for every woman.

Contributed by Naina MakhijaNaina is a Post-Graduate from India.  You can read her personal blog:

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