How To Know If He Loves You?

Every girl dreams of her knight in shining armor, who would make her world a fairy tale. OK now you might find this too fancy, but secretly you definitely wish to have such a man in your life. In this fast-paced world, it is very difficult and practically impossible to get prince charming riding on a white horse. You need to literally hunt for your man and if you are lucky he might just appear like a godsend gift, else read our post and find out if he is the one. We all know men and their lack of expressing emotions that make it quite difficult to judge if he really loves you or not, but as they say action speaks louder than words and that is why we want you to look for these signs that mean your man is ready to take the relationship to the next level.

1. He cares for you:

Now men don’t show their caring side in words, instead, they would do things that show that you matter to them. Out of the blue, if he happens to bring coffee in bed, makes breakfast (wow) or washes dishes, then jump in the air. No kidding, this man is serious about you, as no man would love to leave his game zone or the TV remote and do household errands.

2. He listens to you:


Oh man, if a guy is patient enough to listen to all your work, rants, crazy issues and most importantly remembers them all, then he is the one. Men do listen, but only if you mean something to him, he would take notes in his mind about the tiny weeny details. And in a relationship you need an anchor who has time and patience to listen to all your rambles.

3. Your friends and family matter to him:


If you notice him asking more about your family and doesn’t mind hanging around with your bestie then you are the lucky one girl. If he is your friend, he might do it once or twice, but if he is taking a genuine interest in getting acquainted with your buddies as well as family members then go for it, girl.

4. He changes his lifestyle and habits:
Now this is a real huge step for a man to do or ask for. But if he is willingly changing his certain habits that you don’t approve of or skips his favourite football match for you then no more thinking- he is your prince charming. Period.

5. You become his secret keeper:


Not all men love sharing their pasts or dark secrets with anyone. But if he is an open book to you and shared in and out about you then it means you are his soul mate. He trusts you to his heart and don’t ever break the trust.

6. He makes you laugh:

Marry the man who makes you laugh even in your worst situation. If your guy tickles your funny bone, then life with him will be super awesome. It means that not only is he funny and would lighten up and the situation, but he would even love to see the smile on your face.

7. He involves you in all big decisions of his life:
Be it switching to a new job or apartment if he asks your opinion and takes into consideration that means he values your opinion and trusts your judgement. This definitely means you are more than just another girl. Hooray!

8. He shows his emotions in front of you:

Men are considered to be iron men and don’t easily cry. But even they have an emotional side and few things can make them vulnerable. So if your guy has shed tears then he is totally comfortable with you and you matter him the most in his life.

9. He talks about future that includes you:

The talk of engagement or wedding or future makes a man run in the different direction, but if he is serious about you then he is open to discussing marriage, about buying a home with you or traveling to new destinations with you. Basically, if his future talks involve you then he is the knight in shining armor.

10. He is proud of you and tells that to the world:
There are men who even after being in relationship for months aren’t really open about it to the world and that is why when you see your guy talking about you to the world, introduces you to his friends, family and boasts about your work and talks positively about you to the world then feel blessed to have him in your life.

Are you able to relate this post in your relationship? Then you might have just met your prince charming who adores you a lot and is ready to live happily ever after. Image source: Google Images,

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