How To Be Happy in 2018, 2019 or in any Other Year?

Are you happy in your life? Did you get an answer? Your mind would say no, but somehow you would sum up to say that yes, you are happy in your life, everything is perfect. But is it really perfect? Happiness is a journey that you need to drive yourself into it and takes a long way to make happiness your journey.

In the world there are umpteen things to be sad and unhappy about, but why not smile and make things better? The reason for your unhappiness can be anything- job, relationship, family, studies, health, money but why is it so difficult for all of us to be happy even in the challenges?

You have got one life so live it to the fullest and make happiness your habit. Join us on this happy journey with our top happy mantras of life. Follow them regularly and bring the positive energy around you.

Mantra 1. Love yourself:

This might sound cliche, but the first step for a happy soul is to love yourself unconditionally. Stop brooding over the way you look the way you are, instead groom yourself and appreciate yourself.

Say every day to yourself that you are the best and you can achieve more in life. Over the period of time, you will notice yourself as a happy person.

Mantra 2. Be grateful for your life: 

The joy of appreciating has its own power and everyone finds it difficult to appreciate what they have. But if you want happy vibes around you then the next job you need to do is feel grateful for what you have. No matter how difficult your situation might be, be grateful about what all you have.

There are people who are in tough situations and yet living life, so why can’t you? Wake up daily morning and thank god for the life you have. When you take the time to appreciate things in your life you are pushing yourself to bring happiness in your life.

Mantra 3. Keep the child in you alive:

We all have a child in us, and it is best to keep the child alive. This way you will feel super energetic and happy all the time. Keep your heart and soul pure as a kid and live life to the fullest. This mindset is sure to keep you happy.

Mantra 4. Exercise regularly:

Exercising is just not the perfect body, but it is even for the positive mental health. When you engage in heavy workout sessions your body releases happy hormones that create positivity around you. So exercise regularly, stay fit and you would have an optimistic outlook on life.

Mantra 5. Kill bad thoughts:

Bad thoughts are like creepers that grow instantly and stay for long. But you can’t afford to lose a minute in bad thoughts and that is why before the negative seeds pop up in your mind kill it instantly.

Don’t let it grow, keep chanting that you are the best person and you can handle any situation in life. Say goodbye to bad thoughts and welcome happiness with wide arms open.¬†

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Mantra 6. Never compare yourself to anyone:


We told you to appreciate yourself now we ask you to never EVER compare yourself with anyone. When you compare yourself with anyone or your relationship with anyone you will bring jealousy, anger, sadness and every other negative thought which you can’t afford.

You are the best version and the only piece of god, so never believe that someone is better or less than you. You are unique in your own way so forget to compare yourself to anyone!

Mantra 7. Accept that life can be imperfect:

We all know that life isn’t a bed of roses so there are definitely going to times when you wouldn’t get all that you need. When failure comes in life don’t brood or lose hope instead gear yourself and fight life with more positivity.

Work on your shortcomings, do what makes you happy and never give up your dreams. Acceptance is the key to happiness.

Mantra 8. Keep the bag of worries empty:

Worrying only kills the precious time you have. Keep it simple and remember that worrying can give you a solution so stop worrying and be positive about every situation. Fewer worries will bring more happiness.

Mantra 9. Stop blaming others:

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If you want to be happy you need to stop finding a scapegoat. Accepts your failure, mistakes and move ahead in life. When you stop finding reasons to blame others you let go of negative thoughts. This way you are bound to bring positive and happy vibes.

Mantra 10. Welcome life with a burst of happiness:

Wake up to positive thoughts, feel gratitude and welcome life with happiness. Make peace with your past and see every day as a blessing of god. Think only positive thoughts and follow the above mantras for a happy, blissful life.

Happy people are the best humans. Embrace the way you are and always remember that you are a unique person filled with positivity. Say to yourself that I am a happy soul and happiness will surround you forever.

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