Five Reasons to Read The Book- ‘The Kiss of Life’ by Emraan Hashmi

Serial kisser of bollywood, recently launched his book in Delhi with co-author Bilal & Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. Seeing the title of the book, we are sure you might think that the book would be a biopic of Emraan Hashmi, but no folks this is an emotional book about the superhero in Emraan’s life who fought cancer.

The superhero is none other than his cute munchkin Ayaan, who is Emraan’s son and was diagnosed with cancer. Emraan shares the book with the world, which is about the effects that cancer can have on children and he even shares the emotional journey from diagnosis to treatment. At launch, Emraan mentioned this book is not only for families who are facing Cancer but for the entire community. The real experiences of this super star and the family fight with Cancer have lots of inspiring lessons for all.

This is an inspiring story and we share you our top five reasons to read this book.

Reason 1: An Inspiration & Helpbook to People battling cancer

It is disheartening for a parent to see their kid suffering from cancer, and you can imagine how painful it would have been Emraan Hashmi to write a book on his child’s cancer fight. His main motive behind the book is to boost the families of the people who are battling cancer.

Reason 2: A story on 13-year journey of Emraan Hashmi in Bollywood

Apart from Ayaan’s struggle with cancer, the book even talks about the struggles and fights that Emraan faced during his 13 years long journey in Bollywood industry. It would be interesting to read about how difficult it is for a man who is connected to the Bhatt family, found difficulties in the film industry. Maybe the book would be a motivating story for the upcoming actors too.

Reason 3: A positive and calm mind can change all

Yes, we know the book would be an emotional journey, but it would even portray how to be positive and calm during the storms in the life. Emraan shared that when he heard his son was diagnosed with cancer, he burst into tears and the 2 years battle with cancer has left a psychological impact on him.

During his son’s struggle, he even had to go for shoots and maintain his cool posture, so this is another big reason which arouses the interest to read the book.

Reason 4: How Emraan and his family fought back?

During the panel discussion on “Parenthood” at Spring Fever 2016, Emraan shared that his kid has taught him how to never give up. Emraan shares, Ayaan has given birth to a new me. He made me a better person and taught me that life will hit you, it will knock you down on the floor, but you have to get up, stumble, fall again and then get up but never give up”.

It would be an overwhelming moment  for Ayaan parents to see his 3 years and 10 months old kid fought back cancer and won over it, this emotionally journey be definitely a motivating read.

Reason 5: A message to all kids and adults

As a 3-year-old kid, fighting cancer isn’t an easy job, but Ayaan did it. So this book is definitely an inspiration for those kids who give up on life easily and find their normal life challenging. Take cues from Ayaan who is our Superhero and be motivated to fight back with the challenges in your life.

Ayaan is super cute and we wish him huge success in his life. We have lots to learn from this cute kid who is an inspiration to all. So, folks go buy the latest copy of Kiss of Life- How a superhero & my son defeated cancer which is published by Penguin and is co-authored by Bilal Siddiqi, who has also written the book- ‘The Bard of Blood”.

We loved what Emraan Hashmi teaches his kid, take a look at his positive message for the kids, which every parent must teach their kids.

Here is the a video in that Emraan Hashmi shared how this book came into existence  along with views of CM Arvind Kejriwal.

Son, you have endured it all. You are six years old now, and soon you will finish school and go to college. I will grow old and wither away, and you may have to face the big bad world out there by yourself. But you’ve got a great head-start. You have won the unlikeliest of battles already, so now, whatever it is that comes your way, you have to put on that cape of responsibility, hold your head up high bravely and give all of the life’s problems that knockout punch. “

We love this new Superhero Ayaan, he is definitely a super positive and strong kid. We strongly recommend this book to our readers. Happy Reading.

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