Know If The Person Sitting Next To You Is Depressed

A day of sadness is normal but, if it enlarges day by day with other symptoms then it may be a sign of depression. Depression is a treatable medical mental illness that may last for a week or for a year too. The picture below shows the change in brain after depression:

Anyone can fall into the irresistible pain of depression in a life full of chaos. One out of five people are suffocating in the darkness of depression without even knowing.  Women are more likely to suffer from depression in comparison with men. We can not witness when depression sneaked in our brain.  There can be many reasons of a person to get into depression either a job loss or any personal loss of emotional ache like divorce, love affairs or just out of the blue.

They might be pretending a negative person to you but, they are just some mentally sick person. Worst part of the disease is, you can’t say if someone is suffering with it. It is as severe as any other death threatening disease. A depression patient will pretend to be normal as any other person in the crowd. It can take you to the death or  downfall in career. Here I am sharing few symptoms of depression patient:

•    Feeling of self worthlessness, hopelessness, pessimism & guilt
Depression comes after a sort of failure in life people face. While in depression a person start to lose his/her confidence in everything. They feel themselves a worthless and useless person to live. They feel guilt of whatever they  do for good or bad. They are always lost in deep thoughts. They will even overreact on a little joke at times.

Depression Symptoms•    Instability of mind (difficult to remember, concentrate or making decisions)
In this stage the key brain chemicals behave out of balance. Due to which a person’s mind is not in a stable condition. They can’t remember routine schedule and minor things. There’s always a chaos in their mind and because of that they can not focus on anything. They are not sure shot about anything they are up to. A depression patient is always in seeking of help.

•    Restlessness, irritability and excess crying
A depressed man, his family and even a medical expert can’t recognize a depression. The reason is man don’t expose their feelings. They show it in their behavior as being irritated about everything going around. a restless person is most probably depressed about something. A depressed woman will cry it out whenever she gets hurt. A person will be crying in alone for no reason sometime.

Depression Girls

•    Inappropriate social behavior and loneliness
It is one of the major symptom of depression is mournful mood and lack of interest in daily activities that used to be fun at times. A depression patient feels lonely even if he is in a party or crowded place. They might behave strange at times either too quite or too loud. We just have to understand the reason if someone is behaving out of the blue.

•    Reoccurring thoughts of death & suicide
A moment arises in life when a person has no more wish to take the life forward. A person might be depressed if he is talking frequently about death and suicide out of sadness. They will keep entangling themselves in death risk like standing at the edge of top floor of a high building. Or they may overdose themselves to sleep forever. “A permanent solution for a temporary emotion”

•    Excessive sleep or lack of sleep
Sleeping in excess or not sleeping at all might be a symptom for depression. Its not always normal insomnia if we cant sleep In nights.  Cross check your sleeping hours again.

•    Suddenly changed food habits
We have seen people eating without any reason continuously while taking while working. Then few people don’t even eat proper diet. In both the cases a person is in pain depression. Their food habits get affected with your brain malfunction.

•    Sudden gain or loss of weight
Most of the time when a person is found losing weight everyone suggest him not to take stress. Stress is a sign of depression again. A person who is gaining weight at sudden can also be a victim of depression. Depression may occur in any case if there is sudden loss or gain of weight.

•    Decreased energy, fatigue n feeling slowed down
Our mind is the controller of all our body. All our body nervous system is slowed down if we are broken with mental nerves anyhow. A depression patient will be feeling lethargic n fatigue since morning to bed time. They find a negative surroundings if they are not happy inside.

•    Alcohol or smoke abused
This is most harmful attack of depression in teenagers. A depression patient starts to rely on drugs and alcohol to  come over their stress. It can worsen the condition even more if not handled with sensitivity.

Alcohol or smoke abused

It was just an awareness to all those who are suffering with pain of depression. Also, for those who need a hand of help from their loved ones and society. There might be depressing patient around us who may need your love instead of betrayal. Please don’t ignore and share as much as you can that you can save someone from this darkness of life.

Depression can caught anyone, here is the most known example from Bollywood, this lady fought with the depression and now serving millions of people by sharing her experiences with us. This lady is non another, the most gorgeous stunning bollywood diva “Deepika Padukone”

[youtube id=”Mp9f1buA_A4″ width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”Center”]

Here is the link of full conversation –


  1. Very useful article, I have one more useful suggestion, Do mediation, At the time of my pregnancy i was facing a lot of mental & physical issues, one of my family doctor recommended to do yoga & mediation on a daily basis. I have started doing mediation with some aroma products from PureFragrances, within 6 days i felt the deference, now I’m a proud mother of a 2 year old kid. Try & let me know if it is useful 🙂

    • Thanks Priti for your valuable feedback on article. I am glad you shared your personal experience with us and you know what I personally feel ‘Meditation helps a lot in fighting with mental stress’.


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