Acronyms are a major part of our lives and being our ignorant selves we don’t know the full form of a big percentage of them.

We are aware of the Internet slangs which rise to popularity from time to time but mostly ignore the acronyms which surround us permanently and are useful in day to day life. No points for guessing, it is the brands and logos which cover our 360 degree vision these days, no matter where you step.

And we promise that some of these brand names’ full forms are too cool to ignore (Hint: Might have a hidden Indian name in a SHOCKING brand’s name) so let us jump right into the article.

1.H&M: A brand that needs no introduction but maybe needs us to tell you it’s full form because not many knows it and also a paper so that you can write it down to remember.

H&M Fullform – Hennes and Mauritz
  1. FCUK: No this brand wasn’t a result of a typo, however much the world would want it to be. It is a UK-based global retailer stands for ‘French Connection’.
FCUK Fullform- French Connection is a UK-based global retailer
  1. AMUL: WHATT?! It is an acronym? Yes, my friend. To absorb this shock a chilled Amul lassi might help.
AMUL Fullform- Anand Milk Union Limited
  1.  BPL: ZNMD gave us our own version of this acronym but knowing the actual one might help you in weird situations when you accidentally say it. You are welcome.

5. DKNY: The jackpot of the article. It was so shocking for me when I read the second most common Indian name (after raj) standing for K in DKNY. Sadly, it is the name of the biggest fashion icon ‘Donna Karan’ and is not pronounced the way we do. Better luck next time.

DKNY Fullform- Donna Karan New York
  1. ESPN: True sports enthusiast might know this one and also MEME lovers.
ESPN Fullform-Entertainment and Sports Programming Network
  1. HDFC: All the people having an account with this bank can thank us later.
HDFC Fullform- – Housing Development Finance Corporation
  1. HTC: HTC Corporation is a Taiwanese consumer electronics company which has even dominated Indian markets at one point.
HTC Fullform- High Tech Computer Corporation
  1. ICICI: ICICI Bank is an Indian multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
ICICI Fullform- Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India
  1. INTEL: Let us follow the tagline of INTEL ‘Look Inside’ and give you the fullform of it.
INTEL Fullform- Integrated Electronics
  1. LG: With an interesting story behind it’s name ‘Lucky Goldstar’ where Lucky was added later on after a merger with Lucky chemicals.
LG Fullform – Lucky Goldstar

12: ITC: Originally established as the Imperial Tobacco Company, it was renamed later to Indian Tobacco Company in 1970.

ITC fullform Indian Tobacco Company
  1. MRF Tyres: The rubber manufacturing company is situated in Madras (now known Chennai). It’s name extends to Madras Rubber Factory.
MRF fullform – Madras Rubber Factory
  1. WIPRO: In the 70s, the company selling vegetables and refined oils changed it’s name to Western India Products Limited from Western India Palm Refined Oil Limited after shifting to computers.
WIPRO Full Form – Western India Products Limited
  1. BMW: BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke.
BMW fullform- Bayerische Motoren Werke

Which names did we miss and which full forms totally shocked you? Drop them in the comments below.

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