Apple is launching iPhone 8 on 12th September, Know quick Highlights before the launch event.

Hey, the wait is over folks! Apple fans need to set their eyes on the new Steve jobs Theatre this week because the biggest news of the phone marketing world is here. Tech giant, Apple has finally announced to launch it’s iPhone 8 on September 12th.

The latest model of the Apple is said to be launched by Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook at the new Steve Jobs Theatre. Along with its release, two newer variants of the recent model 7s and 7s plus shall also be unveiled.

There were many speculations of Apple delaying its launch date for iPhone 8, but now it the wait is over. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Apple will be launching the 8th model of the iPhone series. Though there are no confirmations about the features of the new iPhone.

Below we are the most talked about features in the iPhone8:

  • Separate fingerprint sensor with an on-screen 3D sensor for face recognition.
  • New vertically aligned dual rear camera which may have some quirks of its own.
  • Probably Apple is going to stick with a 12 MP wide angle lens with slight improvements in the aperture length.
  • Though, the exact resolution and features of its camera are not available. But it is certain that it has an 8 MP selfie shooter.

Moving on to the display of the iPhone8 model.

  • 8 inches with narrower bezels to counter the accidental touch inputs such as in the case of Samsung Edge smartphones.
  • Apple seems in no mood to bring back it’s headphone jack as it seems by most of its images though it will retain its lightning port.
  • Signals and battery indicator may be in the top corner of the phone with the front camera hidden in the top notification bar.
  • The set may have an increased size power button, the reason of which is yet not clear.
  • It is rumored to have built a stereo loudspeaker by a combination of bottom speakers and an effective earpiece.

However, it seems that Apple is ready to set a benchmark with their battery backup features. Let us look at the expected upcoming features that could make a great buzz in the smartphone industry.

  • The battery life of the new Apple is also rumored to be improved by a good margin and fast charging will be enabled in this model.
  • It may have an L shaped battery for better endurance.
  • It is also rumored that iPhone 8 would be running on iOS 11.

With all the remarkable changes, there are a few downsides with the iPhone 8 model.

  • It is expected that the price of new iPhone may be more than 55% of the present variant.
  • The estimated price of the new iPhone 8 is around $1,100 to $1,200. That is around 80,000 INR.
  • The distribution in the USA is estimated to begin within one to two weeks post the launch, while in India it might take 4-6 weeks to reach the customers.

Overall, despite the colossal price tag, Apple is expected to carry forward its legacy of excellence and customer satisfaction. Now, the countdown begins!!

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