7 Jobs That Pay When You Travel

How cool would it be to visit the exotic islands, party hard at clubs and yet get paid well? If you’re a wanderlust and hate the notion of 9 to 5 job, then there are careers and jobs that would love to hire you and let you travel the world.

Unleash the traveler in you and work hard at the jobs that pay you and let you see the world too.

Check out our top 7 jobs that pay when you travel.

1. Consultant:

Consultants are expert advisors for the company, they share their experience from marketing, IT to possibly everything that a company needs. And when you are a consultant, you wouldn’t have a 9 to 5 job, nor would you be stuck with a company.

In fact, you would visit cities, countries and you would work as you go!

2. English Teacher:

There are many foreign countries that require English teacher. And if you wish to travel to those countries, you can be an English- as- a- second- language (ESL) teacher. The perks are that you could get free accommodations and a decent place to explore the country and their culture. All you need to do is get yourself a TEFL certification and you could start applying for English teacher right away.

3. Destination wedding photographer:

Destination weddings are a fad these days and if you are someone who loves travel and photography, then destination wedding photographer is your dream job! You get to visit some of the most amazing places on the planet and capture beautiful pictures of the bride and groom!

4. Reporter:

If you are a journalist or reporter at a popular News/media company then you might get opportunities to visit different countries and be true wanderlust.

5. Flight attendant:

Travel buffs can definitely look for a career as a flight attendant where you get to explore the world and you would definitely be paid handsomely. P.S: The long hours at work can be tiring but it’s worth when you visit a country and explore it.

6. Freelancer:

The coolest thing about a freelancer is that they can work from any location. Be it a graphic designer, travel writer or any other creative profession you can travel around the world and work on your terms. How cool is that?

7. Translator:

Learn a foreign language and you can work with the travel companies, agencies that look for a linguist. Cool right?

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