5 Ways To Bring Back Love In Your Relationship

A new relationship is exciting; talk all day, all night, it’s all hugs and kisses and I miss you’s and I love you’s. After a while though, life happens and things grow blah, blue and boring. The relationship becomes merely sharing a bed at night. Or a measly good morning and goodnight text.

I’ve seen couples who are bugged by this ‘lack of love syndrome. I know they say you can’t be in love forever, but I think you definitely can refill the love tank in your relationship and here’s how.

Invest more time in your love life. Remember how early on you’d always hang out with your loved one. Talk for hours, stare into each other’s eyes and literally do everything together? I’d say go back to doing those things.

Go paint balling, scuba diving or bungee jumping together.

Associating your sweetheart with fun activities helps to nurture those mushy feelings that may have disappeared.

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Love Quotes for Couples

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Show more appreciation. I know how easy it is to take someone for granted. It’s an unconscious oblivion to the little things. Like how my partner gets the door or gives me flowers. Saying thank you more often and in sweet ways like leaving little thank you notes in his pocket for him to find scores instant brownie points.

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And he was now always ready to save his ‘damsel in distress’, like a brave knight.

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Go back to being all over each other. Literally. I mean like high school sweethearts. Always hold hands, share hugs and give kisses. Giving a peck out of routine does little to build affection, but when it’s a deliberate full on French goodnight kiss or wrapping your arms from behind when she least expects, your partner will definitely respond and, reciprocate.

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Share Hugs & Kisses

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Build the intimacy…all over again. When Carla complained about feeling distant from her boyfriend, I knew why. They just co – existed, like roommates. So I suggested they go on a romantic getaway with plans for fun and a mission to re – discover each other.

It worked like a charm. Get talking again. Share all those deep feelings you’ve buried so deeply they got cobwebs. There’s nothing more refreshing than knowing your S.O understands you.

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Discover Emotions of Your Partner

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Yes for more thrills and spontaneity. Everybody loves a good surprise. Out of ideas? Get naughty at the movies. Plan a surprise tantric massage. I’d make a list of surprises I want to throw for my partner to keep my creative juices flowing.

The everyday routine can get boring, but throwing in a handful of “Tadaa!” moments (kinky or not. *wink*) can make all the difference.

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Very Effective Way To Bring Back Love In Your Relationship

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Relationships are work. And life is always gonna sucker punch you and take up all your energy, making your love life take a hit. In my opinion, it doesn’t always have to mean that things grow sour. With a little extra effort and time, plus a good helping of pillow fights, are way to a happily ever after.

Do apply these love advice in your relationships to make them more playful and joyful 🙂

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