5 Secret Tips to spice up your Relationship

It is very easy to fall in a Loving relationship but its really tough when it comes to sustain that relationship for a longer period.  Here are 5 tips to spice up your relationship & your bedroom :P.

1. Appreciate your partner for little things:

Everybody loves appreciation. Praise your partner for every little things. Right from how he or she makes scrambled eggs to how hard he or she works on decorating the home, speak up. Praise provides a reminder of your love.

It gives your partner that extra bit of energy for working hard. Sing a romantic song  for your partner at-least a week and I am your your soulmate will surely gonna love this.  You can check some most popular bollywood romantic songs list in mentioned link.

2. Give space:

Often we are so focused on making sure our partners understand our points of view, we forget to ask them why they feel the way they do. A relationship lasts long only when you respect for the ideas and thoughts of your beloved partner.

Ask for his or her opinions or suggestions. Make your partner feel that how much he or she is important to you. Everybody has the need to be listened and fully understood. Don’t be a burden on your love, give his/her proper space in his/her life to explore what he/she wants to do.

3. Be tolerant:

Everybody has some habits and little quirks. Some of which may be cute and others may not. Instead of yelling at him or her for his bad habits try to develop some tolerance. Being intolerant will lead to the destruction of your relationship.

Try becoming more gentle in changing his or her bad habits. Instead of approaching disagreements with your partner as a chance to convince him or her that you are right and he or she is wrong, think of it as a puzzle where both of you have to solve it.

I am sorry my love to hurt you. But I love a lot.

4. Apologize when necessary:

When it comes to relationship, Apologizing is a good thing but when only when you really mean it. It is like the waste of time and breath when you say something like “I’m sorry you see it that way“.

A real apology can have a significant impact on your relationship. When you hurt your partner (intentionally or not) you can always apologize for the pain you caused regardless of your perspective. Keeping aside your ego make your partner believe you did not do that intentionally. If you hurt your partner extremely then just hug her tightly and say Sorry.

Couple doing hug tightly in love

5.Be creative:

Asking “How was your day?” would be too mainstream. Try something new like ask your partner What made him or her smile today, What was the most joyous moment, What was the most challenging situation.

You will be amazed at the answers you will get, with the benefit of gaining greater insight into your significant other. On long phone calls, play some odd games to understand each other more deeply.

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