5 Reasons Why We Hate Ranveer Singh

Sorry Ranveer, but we have only 5 reasons to hate you!!

Sorry Ranveer, but we have only 5 reasons to hate you!!

Is the tide turning on Ranveer Singh? The actor has always projected himself as a ‘flirt’ and ‘notorious’ ever since he has joined the entertainment industry. From Bittoo of BBB to Bajirao, Ranveer Singh might be heartthrob for many but trust me there are some reasons why people hate him too! Not only his too weird dressing sense, over expressive nature there are a few more annoying things about this Bajirao:

Attention Seeking behaviour

Shobha De once wrote in her article about Ranveer’s conduct as exaggerated, exhibitionistic, loud and attention-seeking. No wonder his performance during award shows, prove the same! Check out his any interview or his talks at Koffee with Karan you will find him lame and bizarre!

Recently, Ranveer Singh was seen dancing with the audience in Paris theater where “Sultan” was being screened, saying he was not watching the Salman-starrer but making people watch him instead. That’s what you call- ACD aka Attention Craver Disorder!

Ranveer Singh Attention Seeker

Too much Out of the box dressing

His dressing sense and fashion statement is talk of the town but off course for being Out-of-box. Whether it’s his zebra printed sweatshirt and track, thick blingy chains, colourful blazers or weird hats, seem like he is ready for trip to Hawaii! Parties to gym to red carpet

we knew a fact that we will get to see more of his wacky collection like idiotic monkey suits! We wonder if actor owes literally has all shades and hues of what the tropics are famous for!

Ranveer Singh Out of the box dressing sense Over rated actor

No doubt the actor has been performing versatile role from Delhi boy in BBB to king in Bajirao, but c’mon people that is pretty much his job! We love him as Bajirao and Ram but still his fans made him an over rated actor.  There are actors like Aditya Rao Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, Fawad Khan who acts brilliantly.

His acting skills are always being over rated and exaggerated! Furthermore, if you need a good reason why people hate him watch the actor being ‘vulgar and cheap’ in AIB Roast! While some still can’t stop raving about the show, social media is full of people who loathe it and find it too cheap, sleazy and mean.

Ranveer Singh Worst Dressing styleToo much PDA

We all are familiar with DeepVeer sweethearts! There’s not even a single public appearance of them without falling into each other’s arms. You cannot log into your account without seeing a lengthy, emoji-full update from them about their #luvofmalyf and #soulmate etc etc!

Guys, give us some break! This is not the first time anyone’s has fallen in love in the history of human relationships.

Deepika and Ranveer are both stars and they do not need to show PDA or pander to the media for additional publicity. Not to forget Ranveer has been linked with many actresses in the past like Anushka Sharma and Vani Kapoor! Click to learn popular Deepika Padukone Hairstyles.

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh in Love

Ranveer Ching!

We thought Ranveer Singh couldn’t be seen worse than the condom ad music video! But he broke his own record with the music video of “I am Ranveer Ching.” Increasing our pain, the song also has a “Manchow Rap” that  is penned and sung by the actor. We have no problem with actors becoming experimental or setting trends but sometimes too much eccentric behavior becomes excruciating!

Ranveer Ching Poster

Note – Images are taken from Google.

Nevertheless, whether you love him or hate him but you cannot ignore him! Do let us know if you have more reasons to hate Ranveer?

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  1. But , I like Ranveer Singh. I can’t agree with you.
    Though I appreciate your hard work for finding some points against him .
    But let me tell you one thing.
    He is an entertainer after all.
    He is not an entrepreneur or teacher or doctor or what so ever.
    He has to entertain people.
    He should not be so serious or reserved.
    To you it may seem exaggeration.
    But to him it may seem that it is his duty.
    Thank you

  2. What an awesome Post !!!! I hate Ranveer Singh so so much. I hate the PDA of #DeepVeer. I can’t believe that Deepika at last marries that monkey.

  3. You said ranveer overrated and rated aditya roy kapoor, arjun kapoor and fawad khan as good actors, really? well i see your views but like the general public of india, you are very bad on deciding who can act and who cannot, as arjun kapoor as well as aditya roy kapoor are good to nothing actors, they are expressionless and they are there just because of nepotism. Fawad khan is an average actor

  4. I had a horrible dream last night. I saw my parents fixed my marriage with ranveer singh. It ruined my entire day with suffocation. I came to your article for “therapy”. I agree with everything you wrote. The guy is a complete joke. In movies like Bajirao Mastani (I watched only a few scenes) he looks like a parody actor. The way he talks makes me cringe. I am not sure why I feel this way. But the only reason he gets so many movies is because he is relative to some bollywood people.

  5. Hi,
    A very good and honest drawing.
    It’s true all you said and even I hate him. Such people are temporary. The more they try harder the more they plunge. Even there is another guy callled “Actor Varun Pruthi” who just to get famous involves God and make use of poor people. A real person of God won’t take camera’s or even hidden cameras and most of all won’t even reveal his good deeds.

    • Hey, When we said we hate him, it literally does not mean the hate but yes we just want to show his annoying side to people who are blindly in love with him. We wish one day Ranveer check this article and he will be taking some imp notes from here.

    what an awesome article/post ! I dont understand how can someone like a person who doesnt even look like a good looking hero . he looks more like a “chavanna” OR “chavanni chaap” . he is always jumping around like monkey , has no sense of humor , always crying for attention , is a chamcha of every successful person (watch him rolling in the feet of a-hole mulayam singh yadav at a party ! same mulayam singh who said about rapists , ladke hai galti ho jaati hai . rape is a galti ! wtf ! ! ! ) . and his facial hair and hairstyle are really grossiest of all in the whole world ! ! !
    kudos to yogita for writing this article . now i am going to read every article by you . count me as a fan !

  7. Please rename your blog title to 5 Reasons Why “I” Hate Ranveer Singh. There’s no “we” in this blog. I believe you have given your personal opinion here.

  8. @Yogita: I think you have overly judged Ranveer. Agreed on some points of yours to say he dress awkwardly at times, His comic timings are overacting at times…. but saying all this we are missing on something.

    The actors that u have mentioned above in ur article are having backs of well known people. He stood out of himself through his Skills which includes Dance as well.

    Bollywood needs Dancers who can dance to mordern music like Hrithik Rohsan, Shaid Kapoor, Tiger Sherof.

    He used that skill beautifuly. I am not a die hard fan of his but have noticed the more annoying he is with his outful acts he is more serious with his Dutyful acts that he does in bollywood.

  9. Yogita, excellent perspective. I whole heartedly support this point of view. Celebs should act with some responsibility


    -he is an amazing, versatile actor
    -He is very caring
    -He is full of positive energy
    -Brings smiles to everyone’s face
    -Is not afraid of what people say (clothing, his endorsements)
    -very intelligent
    -loves to have fun
    -does what he believes in
    -he is unique and fun
    -he make award show fun. Basically if hes there he is the highlight

  11. I can’t believe I came across a blog like this. This is such a horrible blog to post about someone. The word ‘HATE’ is such a strong word to be using. I understand not everyone can have the same likes and dislikes but using the word hate is just the wrong term to be using. The things you have mentioned you ‘hate’ about Ranveer is what makes him different and unique to all other actors in bollywood. I mean if he chooses to wear ‘out of the box’ clothing, who are we as an audience to decide what he can wear and not and in MY OPINION I think he rocks it :).
    Not to mention you dislike his behaviour at awards shows and the sultan screening. Well I’m sorry (ACTUALLY im not sorry) that he just wants to have a little fun and is enjoying himself. I’m sure you would find it boring/complain if celebrities just sat there and did nothing.
    To Ranveer Singh you are amazing and please stay the way you are.
    To this blog author I hope no one writes a hate blog on you. I hope you realise hate can actually hurt ones feeling. You are allowed to dislike someone but please don’t post hate about someone. Learn to spread some love and make someone feel good about themselves. <3

    • First of all, this blog is representing the views of a group of people, We request you to understand the difference between I and We and Kindly stop talking non sense by targeting Yogita Aggarwal, just for the reason because the blog is published under her name.

      We wrote the blog and tagged Ranveer while doing social sharing, so that Ranveer can actually come out from his comfort zone to improve himself so that rest of the people also have reasons to love him like you all crazy fans who are running after the life of the author on social media just because of a blog that targets negative points of their fav. celebrity.

      God Bless You


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