10 Sex Positions for Newly Married Couple

Be whatsoever, sex is an integral part of any marriage and the higher the sex the stronger the marriage. To keep the magic and spark alive in your very new married life you should try different sex positions that would give you a roller coaster ride and let you reach the orgasm of your life.

Be it newly wed couples or 10 years wed couple, these positions are sure to bring you closer to your partner and who knows one of the sex position might become your favorite. Light the candles, play romantic music and seduce your partner into making love and bring some steam between the sheets with your beloved.

1. Cowgirl position:       cowgirl-position
This is every man’s favorite position, especially when they are too lazy to take charge. Cowgirl position or the woman on top position gives great G-spot stimulation and lets a woman reach her climax quicker.

Let your man down and get on top of him and ignite the passion with some hot lovemaking and words that your man loves to hear.

2. Doggy style:

Feeling erotic? Then doggy style would bring even more intense love between you and your partner. Like the yoga asana get on your hands and knees and allow your man enter from back, the deep thrust would take you both into a whole new world and the best is when you push your hips back.

This sex position is raw and intense, and can sometimes hurt a woman, so do understand each other’s feeling and get passion high.

3. Bridge position:

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Get the best orgasm with a pillow under your butt and hips high in the air- feel like an exercise? But this position would give you and your partner intense pleasure, racing your heart beat as if you are running on a treadmill.

4. Love seat position:

Woman take in charge in this position and give your man the best time of his life. Make your partner sit on the edge of the bed or on a chair and sit on his lap, arch your back and you know what to do next. Your man would be totally excited and in no time you both would be lost in the pool of lovemaking.

5. Face off:

Make an intimate love with your partner with the iconic face-off position. This is known to bring partners closer and is definitely one of the intense lovemaking positions. Let your man sit on a chair or at the edge of the bed and sit on his lap facing him and thrust upwards and downwards, go faster by letting your man grab your buttocks and you would reach your O in no time. This position is perfect for a long, cosy makeout.

6. Bitilasana:
This is also known as cow position and is quite similar to doggy style, but the difference is that you need to lift your back arch high so that your man can penetrate even deeper. Bring a twist by rotating your hips or pushing your body back and see the way both of you growl in passion.

7. Table top:

Men and women both love fantasy sex, so get into roleplay and seduce your man by making love on the table top. Sit on the table and let the adventure begin. The best thing is that table top gives you the perfect height difference and doesn’t strain the body much.

8. Sideways:

Sometimes spooning can lose the intimate feel, so to get a steamy sex, you can try the sideways sex position. Sleep facing each other and spread your legs so that your man can easily enter into you and have a raunchy sex with loads of kissing and hugging. This would give a rest to your man’s arms and let you both express your love for each other.

9. Stand and deliver:

Get into a passionate, raw zone with the stand and deliver sex position. Let your man stand at the edge of the bed and you can lie on your back with your legs raised high with knees slightly bent, let your man grab your ankles and get the view of his manhood whilst enjoying a fervent lovemaking and you would reach your orgasm in no time.

10. G-Whiz Position:

Wrap your legs around your man’s shoulder and get into a powerful lovemaking. This position is best known to crackle intense romance between partners, allowing deep penetration and stimulating the G-spot, giving room for a shattering orgasm.

We are from the land of Kamasutra, so shed down the inhibitions and enjoy a blissful sex with your beloved. 

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